Product Review: Eggie, a DankGals Piece

When it comes to smoking cannabis, there is a certain kind of femininity about myself that I like to embrace. What I mean by this is that this ritual of breathing in and out while letting the effects of cannabinoids take place seems to make me very aware of my own body and its presence in the world. A uniquely crafted rig can certainly enhance this awareness and DankGals is a company who seems to understand this principle.

DankGals is an online shop that sells cannabis related glass pieces as well as wellness products and other accessories. Their market is of course, geared towards women and therefore their pieces are attractively feminine. I learned from a recent article on Broadly by Michelle Lhooq, that the founder of DankGals is Janice Buu, a lovely and talented business woman with a passion for turning stereotypes and stigmas regarding cannabis and women on their heads. The artful pieces available on the DankGals website do just that by in their well crafted feminine aesthetic.


Pictured here is one of the pieces from their Jet Setter collection called “Eggie.” It is eight inches in height and has a slit disc percolator nestled at the bottom of the piece. An egg shaped splash guard above adds an additional layer of percolation to your inhalation. Though delicately shaped and relatively light weight, there is a thickness and strength to the glass in all parts of the rig. It is really unique how well balanced aesthetics and efficiency are in this piece. For example, the base is extremely secure and thick around the edges however the foot is curved inward allowing for a lovely mirror of the mint tinged inlay and a less clunky aesthetic.


Another example is the 14 mm joint that holds your bowl or banger: it is reinforced by a creatively curved dewar’s joint that appears lightweight but does a thorough job in lending additional support to the physics of this structure.


The hit from this piece as you may already imagine, is quite smooth and luscious. The combination of two different kinds of percolations are very balanced and do not over power one another. I am particularly fond of the curved neck which allows for a more upright and open inhalation (as opposed to craning over a straight one). Such a simple curve causes such a different awareness in me. It is almost as if I can feel the width of my inhalation through my body more, enjoying the diffusion of smoke pulling through the rig. IMG_2241

DankGals designs pieces that appeal to the feminine thus creating a kind of community among users. In fact, DankGals has been very involved in creating real live community through cannabis related events. They are also very active and kindly engaged on Instagram which is a huge and important platform for the cannabis community at large.

When I am smoking out of “Eggie,” it is the first time in a long time I can remember using a glass piece that made me feel feminine. For whatever reason I just don’t feel that way when I’m using my hand pipes. I feel airy and uplifted from every hit enjoying this rig’s aesthetic as much as my own for once.

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